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Yea a post after a long time~

I draw some pic - (even though it's not so pretty)

well that's all- feel free to comment~

Anime eyes tutorial

Anime Eyes - with tutorial

click read more for the tutorial

Relax and have a cup of hot cocoa!

Yummy~ I'm craving to have a cup of hot cocoa

A cup of hot cocoa, very soothing and warm,
Such a delight to drank it all up,
Relax and have a cup of hot cocoa!

I drew this one cuz i am  craving for one


I drew this one on my free time just now .... can guess what flower it is?
A field of flower?
Learn something new! that is  to draw something  in detail is a very good thing to do.It gave a better result too.

Anime Girl Pic

So many time to spare so I drew this pic ...hope u guyz will like it
p/s : I'm sure u guys think that this is the work of primary school kid...since it is so horrid (cuz i think so too)

Teenager Life - Part 1 (Sneak Peek)

Teenager Life(STORY) - Author by Shaz lianie

"Life is pointless" ______
     " Life is pointless, no matter what you do it still useless ".I looked at the window, while thinking  how I hate go to school and faced the same teacher " Martin Hagen! " I stared at my teacher eyes with bored gaze just to irritates him. his angry and arrogant face,I'm quite use to it already.
      " What are you staring at , you little punk " I'm ignored him,but he start  to talked again " Go and solve the problem ,now! " But I still think its better to ignored him so I sat there stared at him, then he elevated his voice and said " What an idiot you are or maybe your parent are to idiot to teach you some manner! " Then I roused from  my seat.This teacher had crossed the limit!
      " Don't talk bad about my parent! "I shouted. He glared at me but that doesn't made  me scared.I glared at him back .We stood still for a long time, giving each other a good old glare.Later , he shrugged.

     Still not conceded his defeat . As the school bell ring indicate that the class had end, he spoke out loud until the rest of the class can heard every word he said clearly. "This doesn't not settle yet,young man.You won't get away and I will see that you get your punishment." After he finish his sentence he walked away.Class Dismissed.

P.S:For more Teenager life click this link
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How to draw a minion ( despicable me)

There are several pic which show how to draw a minion
Click read more to see the tutorial

Kagome Kagome Children Song......... # with information about the Kagome Kagome Song

Kagome Kagome English Version (Vocaloid)
A Very Creepy Children Song From Japan,

Kagome the Japanese Version ( Vocaloid) :-

The Lyric For Vocaloid Japanese And English Version:- http://www.animelyrics.com/doujin/vocaloid/kakomekakome.htm

Information  about Kagome Kagome:-

Step by step how to draw anime eye


I just want to teach how to draw a simple anime eye step by step, I really hope this post can help you a bit

1.To start drawing eye you must first draw the face after that  you can draw 2 bend line (as  a eyebrow ) as below

2.draw an oval shape(represent as pupil ) and draw a bend line( as eyelid)  above the oval shape  ,you can also draw a  few line above the eyelid at side to show that there  was an eyelash

3. draw a shape like above( it represent as iris)  in the oval shape

4.colour it black

5.do a big white dot in the oval shape as above

6.draw a few  line in the iris

7.you can colour the iris any colour you want

8.Extra:You also draw nose a mouth to complete your face


anime girl

Konichiwa~/ An Yeong~/Hi~/Assalamualaikum~

Look like i draw another pic..


Cute anime Girl

Cute anime girl


Anime Girl

I started to draw again and this time is a anime gurl <3
This is my first attempt to draw anime by computer 'paint'

Teenager Life - English sub Short Story-

Teenager Life(STORY) - Author by Shaz lianie

"Life is pointless" ______
     " Life is pointless, no matter what you do it still useless ".I looked at the window, while thinking how I hate going to school and facing the same teacher " Martin Hagen! " I stare at my teacher eyes with bored gaze just to irritates him. his angry and arrogant face,I'm quite use to it already.
      " What are you staring at , you little punk " I'm ignored him,but he start talking again " Go and solve the problem ,now! " But I still think its better to ignore him so I sit there staring at him, then he elevate his voice and said " What an idiot you are or maybe your parent are to idiot to teach you some manner! " Then I rose angry.
        " Don't talk bad about my parent! " I hate this stupid teacher he just can't shut his mouth.I was getting demerit and I don't freaking care about it.But something is getting  on my nerve, they think i can't hear they laughing at me and whispering something about me  around the class and surely it will spread to the whole school.
      At school,I was known by my attitude of bad manner and rebellious , I also got a bad result in exam since my parent started to argue and  I was kinda stress at that time .The other student keep avoiding me so basically I don't have friend ,before i do have friend but they abandoned me after knowing about my situation.
       My mother and father always argue and they always busy maybe that is why I am rebellious. My parent bought me a PS3 so i can stay home and give me a lot of money everyday so i can spent to go anywhere.But there are really nowhere to go so i just go to the arcade and play or stay home to play the the PS3.
       They think by doing that it it can make them less guilty but its NOT.The thing that make me feel jealous is when  I seeing the family next to my house playing and laughing together , for some reason I felt  jealous of their intimacy and bonding. Well my parent will be divorce to each other soon, I know this day will come so I already prepare for it.
      Next week,I going to move out and going to stay at Kerly Hill.I think that better because my reputation here is so bad already. I stay with my mother because i want to move out from here.I wonder if I can find something fun to do there or maybe I can make some friends there.I don't know should I be excited or what but one thing for sure, I don't want to stay with my father and face the same school and surely the same teacher.

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     I suck at English because the fact that     I had problem with my grammar, pronunciation and worse i had a small              scale of vocabulary 
    So I  try to find a new word from a book tittle (secret) that i read and this is what i got from page 1 to page 9.this book is had a lot of new word  well for me  of-course i don't know about your scle of vocabulary. XD muahahaha
Click Read More if you want to see my list of new word i found.... :D

Despicable Me :The Minion


      Had you watch  Despicable Me??
~Yes?Do you remember this cute fella from despicable me.
~No?You better watch it now.

P/s: I draw the despicable me (the minion Character) bcuz i think that they are cute.


It had been a long time since I updated any status....
I was kinda busy with study and homework.For today I will just give out an information about "Telescope".

What is Telescope

Example of some type of telescope.

  • The refractor telescope, which uses glass lenses.

  • The reflector telescope, which uses mirrors instead of the lenses.

Whatever the telescope, it’s most important spec is its aperture: the diameter of its main, light-gathering lens or mirror. (This lens or mirror is called the telescope's objective.) The bigger the aperture, the sharper and brighter the view will be.

­To understand how telescopes work, let's ask the following question. Why can't you see an object that is far away? For example, why can't you read the writing on a dime when it is 150 feet (55 meters) away with your naked eyes? The answer to this question is simple: the object does not take up much space on your eye's screen (retina). If you want to think about it in digital camera terms, at 150 feet the writing on the dime does not cover enough pixels on your retinal sensor for you to read the writing. If you had a "bigger eye," you could collect more light from the object and create a brighter image, and then you could magnify part of that image so it stretches out over more pixels on your retina. Two pieces in a telescope make this possible:

  • The objective lens (in refractors) or primary mirror (in reflectors) collects lots of light from a distant object and brings that light, or image, to a point or focus.

  • An eyepiece lens takes the bright light from the focus of the objective lens or primary mirror and "spreads it out" (magnifies it) to take up a large portion of the retina. This is the same principle that a magnifying glass (lens) uses; it takes a small image on the paper and spreads it out over the retina of your eye so that it looks big.

When you combine the objective lens or primary mirror with the eyepiece, you have a telescope. Again, the basic idea is to collect lots of light to form a bright image inside th­e telescope, and then use something like a magnifying glass to magnify (enlarge) that bright image so that it takes up a lot of space on your retina.

Super Cute Cursor

Hye Guys,

    Today I wanna share some cute cursor that i found...










For more you can visit this link 
http://www.cursors-4u.com/cute/  or click read more

     For some reason...I feel like wanted to draw a cat ear girl .
I know it had long since I last update new work art or status....