Relax and have a cup of hot cocoa!

Yummy~ I'm craving to have a cup of hot cocoa

A cup of hot cocoa, very soothing and warm,
Such a delight to drank it all up,
Relax and have a cup of hot cocoa!

I drew this one cuz i am  craving for one


I drew this one on my free time just now .... can guess what flower it is?
A field of flower?
Learn something new! that is  to draw something  in detail is a very good thing to do.It gave a better result too.

Anime Girl Pic

So many time to spare so I drew this pic ...hope u guyz will like it
p/s : I'm sure u guys think that this is the work of primary school kid...since it is so horrid (cuz i think so too)

Teenager Life - Part 1 (Sneak Peek)

Teenager Life(STORY) - Author by Shaz lianie

"Life is pointless" ______
     " Life is pointless, no matter what you do it still useless ".I looked at the window, while thinking  how I hate go to school and faced the same teacher " Martin Hagen! " I stared at my teacher eyes with bored gaze just to irritates him. his angry and arrogant face,I'm quite use to it already.
      " What are you staring at , you little punk " I'm ignored him,but he start  to talked again " Go and solve the problem ,now! " But I still think its better to ignored him so I sat there stared at him, then he elevated his voice and said " What an idiot you are or maybe your parent are to idiot to teach you some manner! " Then I roused from  my seat.This teacher had crossed the limit!
      " Don't talk bad about my parent! "I shouted. He glared at me but that doesn't made  me scared.I glared at him back .We stood still for a long time, giving each other a good old glare.Later , he shrugged.

     Still not conceded his defeat . As the school bell ring indicate that the class had end, he spoke out loud until the rest of the class can heard every word he said clearly. "This doesn't not settle yet,young man.You won't get away and I will see that you get your punishment." After he finish his sentence he walked away.Class Dismissed.

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