Despicable Me :The Minion


      Had you watch  Despicable Me??
~Yes?Do you remember this cute fella from despicable me.
~No?You better watch it now.

P/s: I draw the despicable me (the minion Character) bcuz i think that they are cute.


It had been a long time since I updated any status....
I was kinda busy with study and homework.For today I will just give out an information about "Telescope".

What is Telescope

Example of some type of telescope.

  • The refractor telescope, which uses glass lenses.

  • The reflector telescope, which uses mirrors instead of the lenses.

Whatever the telescope, it’s most important spec is its aperture: the diameter of its main, light-gathering lens or mirror. (This lens or mirror is called the telescope's objective.) The bigger the aperture, the sharper and brighter the view will be.

­To understand how telescopes work, let's ask the following question. Why can't you see an object that is far away? For example, why can't you read the writing on a dime when it is 150 feet (55 meters) away with your naked eyes? The answer to this question is simple: the object does not take up much space on your eye's screen (retina). If you want to think about it in digital camera terms, at 150 feet the writing on the dime does not cover enough pixels on your retinal sensor for you to read the writing. If you had a "bigger eye," you could collect more light from the object and create a brighter image, and then you could magnify part of that image so it stretches out over more pixels on your retina. Two pieces in a telescope make this possible:

  • The objective lens (in refractors) or primary mirror (in reflectors) collects lots of light from a distant object and brings that light, or image, to a point or focus.

  • An eyepiece lens takes the bright light from the focus of the objective lens or primary mirror and "spreads it out" (magnifies it) to take up a large portion of the retina. This is the same principle that a magnifying glass (lens) uses; it takes a small image on the paper and spreads it out over the retina of your eye so that it looks big.

When you combine the objective lens or primary mirror with the eyepiece, you have a telescope. Again, the basic idea is to collect lots of light to form a bright image inside th­e telescope, and then use something like a magnifying glass to magnify (enlarge) that bright image so that it takes up a lot of space on your retina.