Step by step how to draw anime eye


I just want to teach how to draw a simple anime eye step by step, I really hope this post can help you a bit

1.To start drawing eye you must first draw the face after that  you can draw 2 bend line (as  a eyebrow ) as below

2.draw an oval shape(represent as pupil ) and draw a bend line( as eyelid)  above the oval shape  ,you can also draw a  few line above the eyelid at side to show that there  was an eyelash

3. draw a shape like above( it represent as iris)  in the oval shape

4.colour it black a big white dot in the oval shape as above

6.draw a few  line in the iris can colour the iris any colour you want

8.Extra:You also draw nose a mouth to complete your face


anime girl

Konichiwa~/ An Yeong~/Hi~/Assalamualaikum~

Look like i draw another pic..


Cute anime Girl

Cute anime girl


Anime Girl

I started to draw again and this time is a anime gurl <3
This is my first attempt to draw anime by computer 'paint'