Creepypasta sketch~ and some info

Hello again~ :3
I wonder how many people know creepypasta character~
oh this just a lazy sketch hehe >.<
Anyway the boy with hat (kinda like hat) is Ben ~ You had met with terrible fate .He is quite popular around the ladies and gamer.

The boy with the huge grin is Jeff The Killer. Go To Sleep !. He had lot of fan girl ~ too popular. ^//^

The last one , the girl is Sally Creepypasta. Play With me.She is cute and her story is pitiful. but I like her.

Creepypasta is basically a copy paste story that spread into the internet like virus? sound scary?
nah ~ its simple.People share the story over the social web and the story become amazingly popular.
Sometime it hard to find the source i mean the one who create the story but beware some of it is real creepy story. *shiver*

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